TeamUSZA Animal Miracle Network - Katy Roundtree

Katie looking forward to meeting Joe Exotic
The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological to help spread smiles

WYNNEWOOD, 28th APRIL: Katie, a young but, extremely brave girl who was diagnosed with lung disease at an early age of 3 has been battling the disease against all odds. The little girl and her family have been combatting the disease not just through the emotional hurdles but, through financial hurdles as well. The ‘Give Forward’ Foundation found the story heart touching and lent its support in raising money for ‘Team Katie’ campaign. The popularity of the campaign soon picked up steam and is now being featured on Joe Exotic TV.

Joe Exotic TV is an IPTV station broadcasting live programs from The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological which is known to be home to many exotic animals like tigers and reptiles. Joe Exotic will be visiting Katie to be a part of the courage and the motivation Katie and her family have shown. The program will air on April 28th at 1 pm. The visit to the hospital is to feature Katie’s remarkable story as a part of the favorite animal show.

The program will help spread the word and in turn boost the fundraising campaign which aims to reach its donation goal of $50,000.

In this regard, institutes like Give Forward have done an amazing job helping hundreds of patients and their families who are not in a position to support their medical needs get timely help. The fundraising platform can be used by families who are on the verge of losing hope. Help provided by the institute is tremendous in restoring this hope.

About The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological

The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological works on a unique philosophy of providing homes to abandoned pets and animals. The park runs on donations which go towards maintaining lifestyle needs of animals living here. Not only that, the park is also one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in the United States preserving exotic animals and seeing to it that they get the best care and attention.

Joe Exotic TV brings to viewers amazing stories on animals that are educative, fun and highly interactive. To know more about the park and learn about the role of Joe Exotic in local charities, visit the GW Zoo website.